English swear words

Cate used the word "twat" in another discussion, and it reminded me of a discussion that a friend and I had, whilst walking in the mountains of Mallorca. We decided to mentally put together a book of English swear words and phrases that were in everyday parlance, yet hadn't been purloined yet, by the Americans. We got a reasonable sized book full! So, you pillocks...what can you come up with?

Hahaha! Don't call me a pillock, you twerp!

This has always been the case, I just added a new word to the list yesterday! Sorry about that, the reason is that we can be penalised by Google for excessive profanity.

Jenau jesagt, ick gloobe Du hast recht mit'n V Dings Mensch. As ve in Berleen vould say.

Brill Brian. It just lends itself to German so well.

I switched on the other language side of my 'brain' (sic...) and amused myself thinking about it in terms of it as a loanword. In this case, German, given the fairly big number of English words they have pinched.

Zu twatten: ich twatte, Du twattest, er/sie/es twattet... etc.

Past tense is superb. ich habe getwattet, Du hast getwattet, er/sie/es hat getwattet

Using the noun: Ich bin ein Twat, Du bist ein Twat

Think I'll try it out on a couple of friends. As long as it is written, they will almost certainly adopt it because many of them hate to feel they have not kept up to date with fashionable new speak. Then it is seeing what comes back that intrigues me. You know: Hey! Did you see that in der Spiegel? Angela Merkel just called François Hollande her French colleague with the most twattish idea for regenerating blah, blah, blah...

And one can also “twat” a fly and make sure it stays well and truly “twatted”

It’s also a (very) common noun.
But I feel like a bit of a twit now for sharing that.

Does one twatter on twitter?