English tele in france

Hi Everyone

I have been given as a gift a television TOSHIBA However:-) There is a slight problem, when it arrived its and English TV Therefore has no "prise peritel' its a 120cm plasma tele

Does anyone know if there exists a way to make this work to get the tele in France, in the meantime this beautiful tele has gone into the "lads" room for the playstation lol

Please advise Anne Marie

Thanks Steve :-) and keith

There is not a Leroy merlin here where I live, but I will be going to a town in Dec so I will check it out

Many thanks for the help :-)

It is their ref 67078340


I had to look for it, it wasn't that obvious despite Keith's link, I suspect that places like Castorama or BHV will have similar devices if you don't have a L-M near you.


Keith I clicked on the link but many choices, what am I to buy? As you can see I know nothing at all about this lol thanks for your help :-)

Steve thanks for that comment :-)

@Pam on the tv there are some holes at the side lots of different colours, of course the son knows what is what lol cos playstation build for all countries !!!!!

Keith's solution is far better than mine Anne Mairie, should have thought of it myself as I use that type of device to connect the A/V receiver in the kitchen.


This is from the Leroy Merlin website..

Scart (Canal +) to TV (composite video) with no loss of signal :-)

Anne, how have you connected the playstation to it?

@Wendy...No flaps checked the whole thing over :-)

@Ben .....As explained use the canal + and it does only have scart connections :-(

@Pam...I could only get a complicated tv lol

@Steve..... You are so kind to help

@All Many thanks all for the inputs :-) Its nice to know that we Brits are not alone, vive SFN !!!!!!!

Anne-Mairie , please send me your email address syatesATwanadooDOTfr

Ah thats really kind of you, do you know where they can be bought, if not I will take you up on your offer, if you let me know the price :-) I will also pay the postage :-)

Hi Anne, prise péritel and Scart socket, are both the same thing..

Our 3yr old English Panasonic plasma, has Scart, HDMI and aerial sockets...Works a treat picking up French TV, via the aerial, and British TV via the SkyHD box.

Good luck!

A link to the manual http://www.regza-asia.com/pdf/LCDTV/RV500/4246RV500ETY-EN.pdf

It only has a normal aerial input, twin HDMI inputs and a range of composite video inputs. If your decoder doesn't have a HDMI output then you will need a VHF modulator that will take a Peritel input and convert it to an RF signal for feeding to the aerial connector. There might be a slight quality loss tho. If you can't find one locally, I have a spare that I've never used.

is a scart peritel? lol

Hi Steve

Thanks for this :-) TOSHIBA 42RV500E Is the model number :-)

Plasma but it doesn't have a Peritel (SCART) connection ? Do you know what inputs it does have ? Failing that give us the model N° and I'll look it up


Hi, we have english tv's that work fine. surprised that your tv has no scart sockets though.

checked all over for the prise peritel, could only find the ariel hole, however we have canal + box with canal sat and this only works with the prise peritel