English television, sans TV

Maybe you all know but thanks to a friend I have just discovered


Live streaming of UK TV. It's free on your compoota and good quality :-)

I was saying that the only thing I missed was Neighbours and now I can watch it, sans TV.

I didn't know either, thanks Helen. :)

Margo, careful with Expat Shield, I think a few of us have found some problems it eventually caused and had to get rid of it and stay rid of it.

Must say that after the storms and the two weeks until our dish was realigned filmon saved us some grief. As Bruce said you can record and also download, although the quality begins to slip if you do.

You can also record on it.

Never heard of filmon, just had a look and all i can say is thanks so much for the post, i can watch my favorites in bed and that's the best part!!

Yo, watching the DWARF ( channel Dave ) as I type. yay.

Thanks for starting this up again.Knew nothing about it and very pleased

Brilliant Helen. Thanks a lot.

Just to say folk, that if watching BBC1, HD is not very good so stick with the 'ordinary'. A friend and I experimented with a TV, a desktop and two qualities of laptop. The desktop was about four seconds behind and relatively good reception, the cheap, older laptop around eight seconds out with jerks and occasionally words going missing. The expensive, high quality laptop was roughly two seconds out of synch, little picture jerkiness but a bit fuzzy and no sound problems. He being French, we tried it all over again because he clearly believed it had to be quicker because we are here and actually it came out exactly the same, in as far as it is possible to measure...

ooo checking this out right now. Thx

I can't tell you how grateful I am for this!

I didn't know either, thanks

News to me and very useful, Thank you.

No harm done, anyway some people need reminding ;-)

Oh ok. See that's what happens when you don't visit SF regularly :-)

Two posta have already said quite a lot about Filmon and I think many of us are already using it at times.