English TV

I am sure this has been discussed before and advice given but on a cursory search of SFN the subject doesn't seem to be 'a jour'. I am getting increasingly worried by reports that we are all going to lose English TV as they decrease the foot print of the satellites.

Has anyone got any advice, information? Internet? (but this is largely blocked for BBC iplayer and ITV player).

Thanks for comments. Post was over a year ago and all was solved some time ago by putting in a 1m dish. Since that was done we sold the house after 20 years in France and moved back to England.

I don't have any problems with this. We bought a secondhand UK Minidish and Digibox and it all works perfectly here. Practically everything is free-to-air now, so you don't even need a viewing card to receive more television than you would ever have time to watch.
Only problem is that it won't help you to learn French!

Sorry, can't help Peter. We paid for Filmon for a month which should cover us for the Six Nations, so therefore it is ad free. If you have a pop-up blocker, that might be the problem.

Hi, I'm just posting this in case someone knows the answer. Filmon has been recommended (BBC1 and Film4).

If i try it, a banner comes up and says I have to turn off the software which blocks their adverts. So which software would that be? Antivirus?, Windows Defender? - it didnt say.

Yep. Filmon.com Brilliant :-)

I know nothing about this BUT when my satellite is out of action due to storms etc I just open filmon.com on my laptop and watch all the UK freebies that way......

Hi Ben. There have been a number of discussions here on SFN on this topic. If you go to Main Page and under the various menus, you will see a search box, enabling you to use Google to search SFN. IN any case, this discussion might be of interest: http://www.survivefrance.com/forum/topics/recent-loss-of-uk-tv-channels