Entertaining Cricket Peter

Entertaining Test Match Pete, hope you’re managing to ‘wig in’ on R4 TMS :slightly_smiling_face:

Watching it on SKY in-between packing etc

Typical English fare so far…

No telly, Peter, Great innings from Kohli, great captain/leader :+1:
Good to hear the move, is progressing :slightly_smiling_face:

Will England make it 4-1 Peter?, hope Cook goes out well in His final Test :slightly_smiling_face:

What a way to retire, well done Alastair Cook, a century, Bravo :+1:


423 for 8 declared, India 1 for 2 in response.

Never say never but 463 runs to win looks beyond them at the moment.

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2 for 3…


Lets hope the middle order put some runs on or this is going to be a rout - which I don’t think India deserve.

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Quite unintentionally, you’ve revived some happy memories for me… “Letter from America” … I used to love listening to Alistair Cook… :hugs::upside_down_face::relaxed:

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Yep, we should grab victory tomorrow morning but anything is possible with England !

Cookey has been a top player and will be tricky to replace. I’m happy to see him sign for two years with my club EssexCCC though it will of course prevent younger talent coming through.
I’m afraid my ideas on how to change cricket for the better are quite revolutonary but something needs to be done. For example, I would :
Restrict CCC teams to players under 30.
Allow them up to 4 overseas players.
Bring back the 40 overs sunday league
Make the Tests only four days.
Arrange the CCC to have more games with more sensible scheduling.

That’s for starters.

Not an expert Peter, but sounds like it could ‘shake things up, a bit’ :+1:
Be good to see a fast bowlers record broken termorrer too :slightly_smiling_face:

Waiting for Anderson, it’s a ‘hard’ wicket for him :open_mouth:

India have been brilliant!

Sri Lanka next up.