Entrepreneur Needed for new business

(Ron Browning) #1

Hi All,

(Nice Site)

I'm looking for an Entrepreneur or Investor to join me in a new start up business , is there any one interested ? or does any one know of any that might be. Details about the business can be given on request.



(Catharine Higginson) #2

Thanks Ron - thats very kind of you! x

(Ron Browning) #3

Hi Phil,
What are the names of the lakes, I may know them ?
I have written to both the contacts you gave me (thanks again) , I will let you know if anything happens x
If there is anything I can do for you and James , just let me know

(Ron Browning) #4

Thanks Phil,
How did you get on with your Gite for Anglers any Joy ?

(Ron Browning) #5

If Any one has any questions and want to know more please ask

(Ron Browning) #6

Thanks Catharine you’ve been a great help I owe you one x
By the way, there is a lot more to the business than what i 've written , I’ve just scratched the surface

(Catharine Higginson) #7

Hi Ron
Here’s my possibly interested contacts email. His name is Terry Deal and just explain that you have come to him via me - have already emailed him about it. Good luck ! Sure someone will be interested - sounds like a great idea esp now we have heard a bit more!


(Ron Browning) #8

Hi Philip,
First let me say thanks for your comments, much appreciated, forgive me if you think i’m being secretive, that is not my intentions, i have not given too much away simply to try and attract a genuine investor rather than time wasters. But I get your point fella, So here goes :

I have purchased a 5 acre lake plus 3 acres of land In France and have stocked it with top quality French Carp and catfish for which I intend to open a fishing holiday business. This is a business that over the last 10 years has seen a boom in the amount of Anglers traveling to France to fish for huge Carp and Catfish. Statistics show that there are 4 million Anglers in the UK, let alone the rest of the world. I have 25 years experience in Carp fishing and have a lot of knowledge and contacts in the industry, Clients waiting to book. I am looking for an investor to join me in this business as I need more money to pay for developement of the lake and areas surrounding it to get it up to the standard required by French law. A full breakdown of the investors cash will be available to them , along with all the other details. The investor will see a return in the first year of business.
If I could sit down and have a meeting with a potential investor I could explain it a lot better and prove to them it’s a worthwhile investment.
I hope this has answered some of your comments Philip and your right fella I’m nearly there,(So Close!!). The business name is already recognised in the industry, do a quick search on the net , Carp Anglers Dream or Etang De La Boissonie or even my name Ron Browning see what comes up and where !!
All your thoughts are appreciated

(Catharine Higginson) #9

Hi Ron, I’ve accepted you as a friend and contacted Daniel to let him know you’ll be in touch. Hope this helps? Daniel is in my friend lists so oyu should find him, if not give me a shout. Cx

(Ron Browning) #10

Thanks Catharine For your help I will try to contact him, is it possible for you to contact him to let him know that i will be in touch with him please (to break the ice so to speak), I have added your facebook contact ,now waiting for you to accept me as a friend , Can’t locate Daniel on there though ???

(Catharine Higginson) #11

Hi Ron

If you facebook someone called Daniel Boutin (he is French but speaks english) and tell him that James and I sent you his way, he might be able to help. He is a swimming pool installer - very nice man - and a fishing fanatic. He has a v small lake on his property - large pond really but is passionate about the subject and knows some v famous and well connected french fishermen. he might know people who might be helpful / know someone? worth a try?
If you like add me as a friend on face book (Catharine Higginson) and you can find him in my friends. C x

(Ron Browning) #12

There certainly is, Ive got the lake , the fish the website , everything else in place , just need an Investor to join me now

(Sandra Hanks) #13

We have loads of carp in the River Lot and our house has 100m of private river frontage. Did have one swim for fishermen, but disappeared in the 2009 tempete!

(Catharine Higginson) #14

I’ve always thought that there’s a lot of money to be made in it and those type of specialist holidays generally. Nice site btw!

(Ron Browning) #15

That’s just for the Holidays , let alone Fish sales, bait sales, Tackle sales and more

(Ron Browning) #16

Yes, This is a very good lucrative business where over 4000000 participate in thisa sport. Fishing Holidays has taken off in a big way. Possible earnings of £2400.00 per week. Want to know more ???

(Jackie Mudd 2) #17

ok thanks but fish !!!

(Ron Browning) #18

Take a look at my website, this should shed a light on it and if your still interested in knowing more let me know

(Jackie Mudd 2) #19

intrigued let me know more

(James Higginson) #20

It’s not Herbalife is it?! :wink: