Entry into the health system for early retirees

someone told me the other day that you can now register for health care after three months residency instead of the five years it was before, does anyone know if this is the case. We don't pay any taxes in France as we pay them all in the UK.

Thank you Simon, for making this clear. I did suspect that it was a French thing! We've only been here for two months so haven't made a déclaration d'impôts yet. I will take every single bit of paper we own to our next meeting at the Sécu and go from there.

Laurence - it's your net 'taxable' income as declared to / assessed by the French fiscal authorities (aka RFR). You can find it on page 3 of your Avis d'Impot 2015 - that's if you've made a tax declaration in France as a French resident. If not (only just arrived etc...) then you need to explain that to them and ask what proof of income they will require instead. Naturally RFR isn't going to appear on a UK issued P60!


Am busy filling in a form for the Sécu and they are asking for my Revenu fiscal de référence. As you mentionned it in your post, do you know what it actually is? Is it a specifically French concept? I am looking at my last P60, but cannot find any reference to it. Thanks.

We have just returned from our local CPAM office. We have lived and paid tax here for 4 years but only recently realised the period was 3 months mot 5 years to join heslth service. Anyway went on the website, printed form we needed plus a list of required info-we added other things like tax forms,birth certificates ect. Just in case. Very nice young gentlman talked to us-followed by discussion with one of his colleagues who was insistant it was 5 years. He rang another office who said no it's 3 months. So everything in place? No chance-left with 2 more forms to fill in relating to bank accounts (french and uk) and rights to cover, plus a list of other paperwork needed -including UK tax forms as we have a property still there rented out but declared on UK tax forms as well as french and copies of our private health insurance (not listed on their own web site) and an appointment for next week. So we'll see what happens then!

thought this topic would start a nice discussion, i found the topic posted on a much smaller site and thought to clarify things it would be better posted on this site.

the only reason I posted was to find out if there was another way of joining the french health system, I am currently technically on gardening leave, renovating my new home in France and traveling back to the UK occasionally, getting less and less.

Frank, short answer - No.

As a French resident, the amount of (income) tax you pay is not relevant to your affiliation 'route' which will based on you revenu fiscal de référence (calculated from your declared global income).

Just do a web search on CMU-B and CMU-C to understand two different ways of affiliation and their requirements. Or, if needed, you could always call the CPAM English speaking helpline for help and clarification based on your circumstances : either 36 46 or +33 (0)8 11 70 36 46

Or go to : http://www.cmu.fr/ or http://www.ameli.fr/

if both people cannot pay tax on UK early retirement pensions, as they are governments pensions, what happens tyen. Is there a level of income from pension that excludes you being able to join the health system?

Spot on John - in fact it's a requirement to affiliate (by whatever qualifying means) to the French health system after 3 months residency unless you can demonstrate equal or better private cover....

Of course loads of UK immigrants don't bother and pretend they are still UK resident....EHIC / Saga etc covered blah blah blah....... similar to those who don't declare their income in France even though they are technically French resident.....you know them - they say things like, 'we don't pay any taxes in France as we pay them all in the UK'. Which begs the question - why would anyone in that situation be asking about registering for French healthcare?......hummmmmm

I’m pretty sure that this is a link to the right information. You can apply to enter the health system after three months if you have a sufficient income. You then pay 8% of your income-€9,600 for your healthcare.