Envoyé Spéciale yesterday

Did anyone else watch this last night and see the section about negotiating prices in shops? Quite an eye opener: http://envoye-special.france2.fr/envoye-special.html

Cor, lovely stuff. I am a terrible negotiator but I think I should get back to some of my economic anthropology books and get up to speed on bartering!

I think I might well try in a large shop(especially saying what I'm willing to spend from the outset because I did that 'unconsciously' one day when buying a camera from Darty - mentioned my price limit & effectively got given the memory card free). Did you see the bit where the furniture retailer was talking about a sofa & said it was normal practise to mark things up to as much as twice their value, EXPECTING people to negotiate it down? Also the advice of the negotiating coach who said you need to make it a winwin situation for you & the trader -eg guaranteed sale, paying cash to limit their 4% CB processing costs etc. However I'd be a bit more reticent with a small trader as I feel that their margin might not be so large & wouldn't want to rip them off.

PS don"t worry Andrew, I don't live in your area :)


Pop in if you're ever in the area and we'll "talk about it" ;-)

Just a little 'discount'?

Yes I did Angela - don't even think about trying it in my shop :-O


the missing link - excuse me


Could you start again with the link Angela? Then just delete this version. Or did I misunderstand and you're just asking if anybody saw the programme?