EOS 70D + EF10-22mm F3.5 Lens.+ Lens Hood

EOS 70D + EF10-22mm F3.5 Lens.+ Lens Hood.

Hopefully advertising used equipment is OK here?

Purchased new by me on the 30th August 2013.

Only 14,000 shutter operations.
Both items are in a very good condition.

The EOS70D has a 21Mp sensor,
+Wi-Fi (Not only can you download your pictures wirelessly; you can shoot remotely from a tablet, or laptop, which opens up loads of possibilities).

Particularly of interest to “British speaking” readers is the FREE book:
EOS 70D book by David D. Busch. – This book tells you everything that the instruction book doesn’t.

The EOS70D is still available new. The price is 879€.

The EFS 10-22mm lens is still the current model.
This is selling for 639€ on Amazon.
I have upgraded to the full-frame EOS5D Mk4.
This is not compatible with the EFS series lenses, hence the reason I’m selling this lens. I have purchased the EF11 – 24mm lens.
You will find the 10-22mm lens is much more compact, & weighs MUCH less.
The optical quality is surprisingly similar. You are welcome to compare them if you buy this kit.

Buy from me, & I am happy to give you a half day familiarisation/hand-over.
(In English).

Realistically priced at 950€

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