Equine Dentist Recommendations

I was trawling the wall this morning and thought it would be useful to have all the info in one place - so here’s the first - from Jenny L:

A quick recommendation for a dentist who travels over most of France. He has been to do my horses and was extremely interesting, and informative (unfortunately), about their history. I don’t know how frowned upon names and numbers are, so Catherine, feel free to remove if I’m breaking ethics, but this is him -

Peter Smith EDT

Equine Dental Sevices (East Anglia)

Francetelecom: 02 54 39 34 63

Francemobile: 06 04 43 61 92

UK Tel: 020 8293 4289

UK Mob: 07889 061734

e-mail; peter@equipegs.co.uk

Can strongly recommend Ian at Raid Equestrian, very calm and gentle with the horses, they seem to trust him…

La Languine
Cazes Mondenard

Telephone: 0033 5 63 95 87 69

Mobile: 0033 6 73 11 89 68