Equity release on a house in UK

Has anyone had any experience (successful or otherwise!) of being able to do an equity release scheme on a property in UK (obviously with no mortgage or similar) when living in France? We have a property in UK we really do not want to sell but would like to take a lump sum cash out of the equity.

Hello Jennifer,

I have no direct experience of this, but I suspect that a gentleman called Graham Keysell of the Spectrum IFA Group in France might know how to achieve this - and could certainly advise on the merits.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has information concerning a French resident obtaining equity release on a French property...

I would avoid this if possible. If the thread gets going I will research and say more. I do not have much experience but my gut tells me it is not a great idea. It may makes some sense but caution.

Really useful link
Thanks Jennifer…did you get anywhere on your original question - the possibility of equity release on your uk property???

Thankyou Jennifer, found some interesting info

Hello Jan,

Try this link:


Does anyone know if it's possible to release equity on a french property ?

Top question. I am in UK at the moment and could make enquiries, if you'd like? Please be advised there might be commercial mileage in this endeavour for both of us.

Great question… I’m looking forward to reading the thoughts of the group on this.
Good luck.