Er - is it Andrew Hearne's birthday?

I was going to chip in on a post to which Andrew has already contributed (there are many as we all know and am sure appreciate) to confirm whether the info in the left hand column of the front page is correct "Today's birthdays".

But I didn't want to hijack other posts so I've decided to add it here as a "discussion" - not that there's much to discuss apart from wishing him a very happy birthday.

Hope Mr and Mrs H. don't mind.

So there you go mate - All the best and Happy Birthday.


Johnny, I wasn't around on my birthday and missed this posting when I got back and had a look at what had been going on. Yes it's true, that's another year chalked on the slate! A big thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, I'm really touched and feel a little stupid as I spend so much time commenting on everyone elses posts but I managed to somehow miss this one aimed straight at me, doh!

What did we do, well we drove up to see some friends who farm in the Vienne and still get noticed as soon as they open their mouths up there with their aveyronnais accents (one of OH's best friends from school) stayed the night and then went on to see my Dad (papi d'angleterre to my kids) who was staying near Tours. A very long round trip with not a lot of sleep but good to see old friends and family.

Many thanks one and all ;-)

Andrew x

Happy Birthday Andrew and may all your dreams come true!

bit late...just stumbled across this...Happy Birthday....! have a great one...oops...I mean..hope you had a great one..and dont have too much of a 'headache' tomorrow...

Happy Birthday Andrew and hope weather is better with you than it is here.

Hope that you are doing something really nice today.

Have a great day Andrew .

All the best Steve

A very happy birthday to you Andrew! Hope you manage to do something special to celebrate. V x

Delighted to add to this - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Andrew! Hope you have a great day.