ERDF solar panels

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Here goes on my first post.

We have just moved to France. The house we purchased has solar panels that put electricity produced back into the grid. It has two meters one for consumption and one for production. Finally got it transferred from the previous owners to us. Does anyone have an English translation of ERDF manual about solar production??? We have searched the website and can’t find anything. I would like to use the electricity and reduce our bills rather than being paid for production.

Any help or info would be appreciated.

Morag v

If possible, get copies of quarterly statements from the previous owners, if not ask EDF if they can provide them. The results are mixed, some people have found it does not pay but on balance the majority seem quite happy.

I understand it as John too - you 'sell' it to get money off your bill - and quite substansial too. I live in a series of 4 small low energy hlm houses, 2 off which have solar panels that manage to give us all 4 , depending on the year, between 100 - 200 € off our rent as the hlm sell the electricity and pass the takings on to us

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Sorry can't help with a manual but my understanding is that the money you earn from selling electricity back is more than you you pay for yours by way of the feed in tariff. This may have been reduced but should still be earning you more than you are spending on electricity subject to you of course producing a similar amount to that what you use.

Hopefully Suzanne Fitzgerald will notice your post I believe she is quite up on the subject