Eric and the Woolly Jumpers by Malcolm Hulme

Two billion years on from today and mankind has been replaced by a sinister new master race that bears more than just a passing resemblance to our own...An evil dictator - Walter Strumphh - rules his terrified people with a rod of iron. At the heart of his empire is a factory producing all the meat, fuel and clothing his poor subjects require. The factory requires a constant supply of genetically modified, brainless sheep and when a sheep on the outside of the compound is determined to liberate the condemned flock, it seems that Strumphh's evil empire could be threatened.....

This is a story which will appeal to all ages and Eric the sheep is a great character. Eric and the Woolly Jumpers is priced at 5.99 RRP and is available from Amazon by clicking the link below!

Eric and the Wooly Jumpers

Dey are also known as "de drinking jumper' by da paddy folk.

You put said jumper on (after having been given it by your Auntee Maureen for Christmas), before going out on the piss for 48 hours. Hence the importance of the pattern - it disguises a multitude of sins.

At this time of year we look out for the outbreak of Dodgy Jumpers amongst the French Folk. These are the ones that look like some food has been spilt down the front plus other organic matter probably from the rear end of a cow and worn by a man over 60 with a beret and jeans plus a thin fig attached to the lower lip.