Errrm - What!

I doubt the French have the same problem with Pomme de Terre :wink:
That said, I remember my SIL pleading with us not to tell her two kids (my nephews) that peas came from pods… she insisted they’d never eat them again as they thought they came in tins :roll_eyes:

I always have to wonder who the Daily Fail polled to get these answers…

Ukip, EDL, etc


Reminds me of the one about the kid who believed that milk came from black and white cows and chocolate flavoured milk came from brown cows. I’ve never known whether that anecdote was true or not. Because, where does strawberry and banana flavoured milk come from?

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I sometimes wonder whether someone, somewhere, is taking the piss - mind you my son who likes hunting for amusing stuff on the 'net (usually when supposed to be revising or doing homework :frowning: ) found the section on “complaints to Thomas Cook” - you know the one where someone was affronted that most of the food in Goa is spicy or all the taxi drivers in Spain are Spanish.

I want to think this is people having a laugh and inventing spurious “complaints” for humerous purposes - but I have a horrible feeling they are genuine.


Reddit is often a source of enlightenment in things like this…


And these people have a vote, which explains the mess in which we now find ourselves.


and the new intake of Boris’ Tory turds…

We’ve had puppet turds, now it’s an ingress of turds which, hitherto, have always been excreta. But we live in tumultuous times.

An unexpected turn (or turd) of events that @graham is the Christopher Columbus of Cloacal Discovery, and long may he sail those stormy seas in pursuit of such treasures!

Ha ha ha… oh yes, I remember it well…

Their own readers, most likely. . . . .

I remember when David Cameron announced the referendum, the Beeb went out to interview members of the public and talked to one bright young thing who thought that DC was the leader of the council. And when we actually left, comment from one passer-by - “Good, now we can send all the Afghans back”. (He must be royally disappointed now).

Unfortunately, there is an element of the population (not just limited to the UK - viz Trump, etc) who are clinically stupid to an incredible degree. They must spend their entire lives reading nothing but bus tickets and watching only the adverts on TV (if that). regrettably, they have a vote…

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Remember that one. Richard Dimbleby.

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Their readership presumably?

Maurice Ffelan

There were very few UK spaghetti eaters in 1951 when that appeared on B/W telly.

Except, of course, Heinz 57 varieties in a slithery technicolour tomato sauce.

I remember the first appearance of pizza in the new Addlestone (Surrey) Sainsbury’s supermarket in 1967. They sold thin wedge-shaped slices only, not whole pizzas. A slice was bloody expensive. There were no cooking instructions so my wife and I shared one slice cold. We were distinctly underwhelmed.

I don’t think Sainsbury’s were licensed to sell Chianti in those days, and I wouldn’t have had the gumption or the nerve to ask.

My Gran made her own pasta… :hugs: so we knew it did not grow on trees…

She was very special, then, very ahead of the times. Did she have Italian roots? The only pasta I remember from childhood was macaroni, which could be served savoury with cheese sauce, or sweet with cornflour sauce and perhaps a blob of jam.

My mum used to make macaroni cheese… delicious :slightly_smiling_face:
In the 60’s I worked on a bread round as the “stale bread runner”. The bread man was Maltese and his wife Italian and I remember some fantastic pasta dishes for tea at their home after the round finished.