Errrm - What!

One of my first tastes of foreign cuisine, other than Heinz spaghetti was vesta beef curry. Must have been late 60’s. The taste was incredible.

Not sure the French are any better. Was listening to a quiz programme once where they asked the difference between straw and hay, no one could come up with the answer!!

I think I first saw the ‘spaghetti tree’ on Thats Life, could be mistaken?

Panorama 1957, apparently

Yep 1957 … that’s the one I saw (you did say 1951 in your first post, but I knew it was just a typo) :wink:

True, Stella, in 1951 we didn’t have a telly.
My granny was the first in our family to have one. We used to visit her to watch it.

Like most people, she used to close the curtains to watch it, and when it was switched off it was covered with a table cloth. God knows why, but it was “the done thing”. :hugs::smiley:

Remember when Radio Rentals hired them out for a few bob a week. They had a slot meter on the back so you could pay-as-you-view? Happy Days! :hugs:

Good gawd, I must be almost as old as you then Peter - I remember Radio Rentals and the pay as you view slot…

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May you live for many more moons, Graham.

Do you think we may live to recall a time when people used to use their thumbs (remember those primitive appendages?!:+1::scream:) to enter their “thoughts” into their “mobile phones” and “send” them to other “people”?


Who remembers a parent/grownup thumping the top of the TV to make the picture settle??? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I remember (just) getting our 1st colour TV - 1970 or so, I recall that they were not overly reliable.

I recall the thrill of watching Come Dancing in colour for the first time… :hugs:

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1951: I was a babe in arms.
1957: I’m fairly sure we did not have a television.
When I first saw this prank I do remember saying " would anybody believe this" :thinking: :crazy_face:
I do remember Rediffusion.

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