Escaped Lion

Just seen the escaped Essex Lion photo: If you look close enough you can see : Dorothy, the tin man and the scarecrow too.![](upload://3onLSYyKxR2qYGbWmC1mfALTe26.jpg)

Mark, imagine you originate from Basildon or Chingford, have upgraded to Clacton. You have just had a heavy day on the trading floor shoving sterling from one crooked bank to another then an even heavier session in the bar. You arrive home and there is a moggie in the garden. Your bleary eyes... Well the rest of the story is obvious!

Just to clarify: this is the photo that accompanied the BBC article on it.

Mark - I wholeheartedly agree - a cat dressed up as the Lion from the Wizard of Oz

That is a cat.

I missed that one Stuart, sounds like a cracker.

What about the poor sod who dressed up in army camouflage and pretended to be big foot in America. Got mown down by a 15 year old girl then finished off by a 17 year old.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high

There's a place that I heard of

Once in a lullaby


Watch out for Dorothy Gale, a Tin Man, Scarecrow, dog called Toto, the Wicked Witch of the West, several Munchkins and the one in the picture above, the Cowardly Lion

Funnily enough, I just thought I had seen a tiger in the garden, but it was only the tabby cat from next door!