Estate Agent Needed

Hi All, i am looking for an estate agent to help me locate a property suitable to establish a foster home near Calais.

ideally a small holding, we don't mind if it needs work doing to it.

any assistance gratefully appreciated! if you are an estate agent and able to help please feel free to message me, friend me etc.....



Just a thought - but if you are looking to create a quasi-institutional resdiential 'home' (and I'd guess this may have something to do with the tragedy of orphaned migrants); you may find it more appropriate looking for de-commisssioned care homes, prisons, schools or hospitals - often declared surplus to requirement / incapable of adaption to modern H & S regs etc.

Try your Mairie(s) to see what they might have / be aware of, or equally get into the Social Services teams; charitable organisations; - I'm guessing there are a myriad of different departments which hold property assets in the public domain..... or how about the churches..... the Catholic church may have some children's homes they want to offload ( 'nuff sed!)...or superannuated supermarkets - there is no shortage of empty buildings looking for new uses.....

Unless you pay a retainer to an "estate agent" to search for and acquire a suitable property; you will have to wear out some (electronic) shoe leather.

Good luck for this project.

Thanks Simon! I am looking for a property to set up as a foster home, how far away in the South West are you from calais?

It may be possible?

Hi Damian

I'm afraid Calais is not in my catchment area at all so I can't help. But don't be afraid to send out a detailed brief to all the estate agents in your region. Many will not even try but you only need one.

Put an ad in Leboncoin as well: you'd be surprised by the response you might get.

If you ever want to re-locate to the South-West I'll be happy to help!