Etiquette in tipping

Just recently moved to France and wondering what the etiquette is regards tipping your hairdresser or waiter. Would one be offended?
Thanks in advance .

I don’t tend to tip anyone.


There is usually a little bowl or box for tips by the till in hairdressers, you leave a tip for your waiter/ress on the table or the plate thing the bill came on. I am assuming you are from the USA - people doing those jobs are properly paid here, so you tip if you want to show appreciation, not because they will starve if you don’t :blush:


Thank you both for your advice I am from England. Its good to know that people are paid well for their jobs in France!

I will always leave something for the lad that washes my hair, but not much.

And I don’t tip in restaurants as an automatic thing, it’s not that expected. Put I will if the service was particularly good, probably only 5% tho’. In cafes I might leave the change on the plate, or say I don’t want any when paying the bill. But not always, depends on the coffee!



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Thanks Stella, some interesting comments :+1: