Etsy :)

Hello, does anyone have a Etsy shop? I'm moving to strasbourg soon and I wonder how to deal with this. I make a living from my online sales. I guess I have to apply for auto entrepreneur?

Thanks in advance


I don't have an Etsy shop but I am an auto-entrepreneur.

If you are going to be an auto-entrepreneur, you should join the auto-entrepreneur group on Survive France as they have good advice. You should watch out for scams in the mail. I have received documents that look official, but are just ways of taking your money off your hands in exchange for spurious services, and are not official at all. Also, new legislation means that if you are going to sell anything, you have to do a course in basic VAT etc. You have to pay for the course, it is obligatory and it's in French. (At least it is in this bit of Ile de France!) For auto-entrepreneur status you'll have to have a dedicated bank account, but you don't need a business account. It's probably easier to open the account without telling the bank what it's for, as many banks try to get you to open a more expensive business account. There are some good French forums that give advice too.

Helen Curran