EU associate citizenship

This was re-tweeted recently (it’s from 2016, think that it was discussed at the time).

Perhaps it is time for the EU to reconsider this path.

Probably won’t happen though (on one side or the other).

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Well after what Boris said about EU citizens having treated the UK like their own cointry for too long (or whatever his words were), that’s probably been shot right out of the water. Where’s the reciprocity?

Love the idea… but the French Minister of the Interior took 2 pages to simply say NO to my written enquiry earlier this year …

here are the thoughts (possibly) behind his decision…

Well 17½ million people voted for brexshit, why should they give a flying fuck what happens to EU citizens in the wake of BloJo’s messianic mantra to get it done and les sensibles who have flown the nastzi nest to leave in peace in harmony?

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It would require all 27 to agree to a voluntary concession to UK citizens. In the current context, that seems even more unlikely than BoJo being able to get his FTA over the line by July 2020.


If saying no takes two pages, no definition of ‘simply’ can apply to it.

Saying “No” simply is just that: “No”. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was more than probably drafted by Monsieur, le Ministre, Pierre Le Goble. :upside_down_face:


Touché, Monsieur Garenne-Lemenuisier! :fr::stuck_out_tongue:


Gr8 one ! Love it! :grinning: :heart:

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That was three years ago and now we’re in a different place and time, so I wouldn’t be too optimistic.

Important to remember that citizenship and nationality requirements vary across the EU, and I imagine we’ll see a range of stipulations that’ll vary from one country to the next. However, the French do seem to be ahead of the game, and they’re certainly ahead of the British.

everyone - but everyone is ahead of the British


G Lees; please watch your language - it’s offensive. No matter your views on Brexit I dislike reading four letter filth on these pages. You might choose to use language like this in general conversation - but not on these pages please. Rather demeans any points you may have to make.


Sorry but I am going to have to disagree. I don’t think that ‘brexshit’ and ‘flying fuck’ are considered four letter filth any more. Quite different obviously if one poster is telling another to f*** off but I think in this situation the language is perfectly acceptable.
Crap spelling and punctuation bothers me more :slight_smile:


The answer is entirely in your hands…
If you object to my posts, the simplest way is to suppress them.
Click on the user icon
Then on Normal

Then click on Ignored.
Job done! simples…

OK – your decision.

I find it very offensive, I think it destroys whatever points a poster wishes to make – and is extremely childish.

This is not ‘twitter’ or similar.

But OK – I’ve registered my objection; it’s not been accepted; can I now do a Lily Allen or Hugh Grant and be rude about those who might disagree with me… !!!

Graham – I don’t ‘supress’ anyone’s freedom of speech – and wouldn’t supress anything you wrote – I think that’s bad form and unfair.

What I really don’t like is the offensive type words normally used by the zit-faced nasty twitteratti – who use appalling language because they think it’s clever.

I thought we were a bit more adult, and considerate of the feelings of others on this forum.

But I’d never ‘supress’ your posts – why should I ?

warning, someone might even take a fence at this!!! Hopefully they will leave the gate. :smile:

As Roger says the accusation could be made that this is more offensive than Graham’s comment as it is more “personal”.

Occasionally Anglo Saxon words are going to crop up - sometimes they embellish a post, sometimes not and it’s probably good to consider which is which when you post but equally it pays not to be too squeamish about the occasional use of the more visceral parts of the language.


Nice one Paul. Like it.

You wouldn’t actually be ‘suppressing’ them - it would just mean that you wouldn’t see posts from a particular poster. It’s quite a useful feature if there is someone whose writing style / opinions / political stance really gets on your pip. :slight_smile: