Have had a couple of emails asking me to register my business with this directory. They make a big point of saying that updating is FREE. Howver if you read the small print, initial registration is 985€ !

Wow - is this scam still going? I got caught (or rather the company I was working for) over 10 years ago, and similar pushy follow-ups.

The directory did exist, but the "FREE' listing and small print are misleading (yes it was also 900 euros at the time).

All a scam in my experience, and we simply refused to pay, eventually they stopped calling. At least I didn't get fired!!

I had someone contact me with a similar thing 2 years ago....send off details via fax to be included in a "free" directory

sometime later received a call saying that the price for inclusion was 40,000 euros & payment was expected immediately as print run had started & no way of withdrawing my entry.......

these scams are normally targeted at much, much larger companies (I believe Renault were hit with a fictitious bill for many thousands) but seemingly people pay when the follow up calls start coming from a lawyer in Paris who quotes a judge's name & states that the charges for non payment increase each month

I asked the chap who phoned me to call my solicitor direct; the same chap phoned me 20 minutes later pretending to be my solicitor...but bizarrely couldn't give me the address of his office in Castres when I asked him for proof of who he was

needless to say, no contact since & of course no directory

this particular scam was based in Belgium apparently