EU Citizenship Questionnaire

This has been sent to me from the organisation 'Europeans Throughout the World'. ETTW

In my view it is a consultation of great importance. Of importance to all who think of themselves as Citizens of the World and of Europe way beyond the narrow thinking prevalent in Britain.

It took me more than two and a half hours to complete and is most thought provoking.

(replace “index_en.htm” by “index_aa.htm” where “aa” is the language of your choice).

Click on the box when it appears 'ACCESS THE CONSULTATION'



Please complete it as soon as possible.

It must be filled in on-line in any EU language and sent in by the 9th September 2012. The preamble gives full indications, and amongst other things stipulates:

THEY want to hear from you!

Brian Cave

Brian, don't get touchy about it, I am glad you posted the link and I too completed it rather rapidly, with comments but that's because I don't have 2 and a half hours to spend on any one thing (unless it's cleaning up the house).

I too completed the forms honestly and with thought but also managed to do it rapidly as otherwise, I would not have done it at all. So thank you for bringing it to our attention.

My view is that one should think constructively and give time to ensure that their remarks reflect on the past history of Europe and consider the future direction of the EU. I would hope that all citizens would think like that. To suppose that to give time to a most serious debate is equivalent to listing moans is not a correct view. 2.5 hours is the time I spent thinking seriously. I believe it sensible to answer questions honestly presented in a considered manner. I urge others to do likewise.

I shall not respond to more comments on this discussion - Readers will I trust think for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

Hi Johnny, I am an absolute internationalist in thesense that some of us say we are federalists and wanted to say something positive where the moans would be expected, thus double your time. Otherwise I would have matched yours. Two and a half hours for me seems to be a lot of moans...

It took me barely half an hour including filling in boxes with comments, mainly because I essentially take an optimistic and pro-EU point of view. However, I find the way the survey has been constructed is aimed at finding discontent rather than contentment and filled it in more out of curiosity based on that thought. If I had been part of constructing the survey I would never have seen any kind of genuinely impartial survey emerge that would compare with this. I looked at some of the information before moving to the survey and know very well that there is better material available on the EU's own websites.