EU Elections

(Guy Marshall) #1

Just in case people are unaware, UK citizend living overseas can vote in the upcoming EU Elections. This is a great opportunity to show the EU and UK what we really think. Don’t waste it!

Citizens of the European Union (who are not Commonwealth citizens or Citizens of the Republic of Ireland) can vote in European and local elections in the UK, elections to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies (if they live in those areas) and some referendums (based on the rules for the particular referendum). They are not able to to vote in UK Parliamentary general elections

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(stella wood) #2

Hi Guy… I have been encouraging folk to go to their Mairie to ensure they are on the Electoral Roll for this year…

Hopefully, all those to whom this applies… have not left it too late…


(Jane Williamson) #3

We are registered to vote in both places.
You can either vote for a UK MEP or a French obe, but not both.


(Jane Jones) #4

Do you think they would notice? I’m registered in both places too…


(Jane Williamson) #5

If I tried it probably.