EU Insurance for van

Hi....At last we are free to come over to france for 6 - 9 months. We are driving over with our dogs in our (their) Vivaro van. Our current insurance only covers trips to the EU for up to 6 weeks. Can anyone advise where/how to get cover for 9 months?.....thought some of you may have had to deal with this!

Thank You in anticipation Sandy and Mike

Hi, The comment below had nothing to do with your query!! I sugge'st you write to the British Embassy in Paris. Otheerwise is there any reason for not transferring to a Frenh insuranse company. I suggest Allianz who isued me on the engine number sine it was then illegal to have a vehicle on foreign plates beyoind some limited time period; that was donkeys years back though. Enjoy your trip!


Trouble is that you need to keep UK law and French law separate. The French will require registration if it is here for more than 6 months, just the same as the DVLA require for a foreign registered vehicle in the UK.
If you want to keep it UK legal then you need to have MOT, tax and a UK insurer who is a member of the MIB, (I don’t think any French companies are).
Mix and match of the regulations from different countries does not work and can lead to all sorts of problems.

We’re 50 mins from Pau (other way to you) but we could also meet in downtown Pau at some point!

One thing is that according to French law, you should import your vehicle if it is going to be here for more than 6 months.
If you are here for over 60 days, then your UK insurance will cover you for minimum cover (not fully comp) for as long as your trip takes,

Lets go the potential friendship route! And hope that was useful advice. good luck with the visit, we’re just North of Pau if you find yoursef in our vicinity.XX

Sandy, have you thought of the possible tax implications of spending between 6 and 9 months in France?

@ another Sandy…I hope this not the end of a potential friendship, and having not met you in person this a risky strategy on my part, and you obviously both look really young on yur profile picture, But maybe the information may be useful for other people, Saga insurance will give you permanent European cover if you fit the age criteria.