EU negotiators will offer an option for individual Brits to remain EU citizens

(James Higginson) #1

Would you pay to be an associate citizen of the EU?

  • Yes
  • No

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(Martin Cooper) #2


Would rather stayed in as we were but if I would have to pay, then so be it. I would be happy and ‘The Leavers’ should be happy :slight_smile:


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(anon71231711) #3

If this was an option I would definitely take it.
But until I see it proposed officially by the EU, I’m suspending belief as to whether it’s going to be offered purely and simply as a privilege that can be bought. That sounds to me a very anglo-saxon assumption/interpretation of what’s been said, rather along the lines of the fast-track citizenship deal with India supposedly being planned by the UK. But it seems to me to go against EU thinking. Are there any EU states that “sell” rights and privileges? Or charge anywhere near as much for nationality as Britain does?

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(stella wood) #4

Whilst I have voted YES… I am convinced that this will not be necessary…:heart_eyes:


(Daear Llais) #5

I depends if it is affordable. If it was, definitely.

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(Andrew Hearne) #6

yes, yes and yes! or the relevant carte de séjour or what ever else we’ll eventually need although I really can’t be ar§ed with the whole naturalisation dossier!


(anon88888878) #7

Yes I’ll pay if I have to but don’t really see why I should when all my taxes are paid within the EU.


(Jerry Jones) #8

As I understand it, Malta, Cyprus and Portugal all have schemes where High Net Worth Individuals can but citizenship


(jennie sweeney) #9

Similar to Ireland, about 1200€ unless you qualify for citizenship by ancestry. Different rules may apply because of the past link to the UK eventually.


(Victoria MCCANN) #10

I think that the results speak volumes. Again, I would like to know an actual sum. but if I could afford it then ABSO bloody LUTELY! I was born an EU citizen in 1973. I will always consider myself as that.


(Bob Ellis) #11

The issue is that the UK government are likely to block the initiative. It has to be agreed on both sides and the current UK government, being more concerned with their own ego than for the rights and livelihood of their citizens, have already suggested this would not be made available to UK citizens.

Like others, I am also convinced that it won’t be necessary but if the Eu want to protect us they could offer this now and not as part of the negotiations. This would prevent us being a bargaining chip. The EU passport is already available for stateless persons and other special cases. If this was extended to all EU citizens, as an option, it would not only help us Brits but could also persuade any other populist governments that breaking up the EU is not what the people want.


(Catherine Robert) #12

I live in France, married to a French man, our children are half French half English, I feel a strong identification with Europe as a whole, it’s just not possible for me to be British and not European, or European and not British, so yes I would pay to remain what best describes my situation, a British European.


(Geoff Hurst) #13

I do wish people wouldn’t make suggestions as to how the powers that be can extort more money from us. They can dream up enough ideas to do that without us giving them any

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(David_Naylor) #14

Do you think you’ll have to sell your World Cup medal Geoff? :wink:

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(David Martin) #15

I’m not sure that all the recent price rises and potential future fiscal poverty can be blamed on the powers who be. Many of them can be traced directly back to the will of the people.


(Helen O'BRIEN) #17

What does it mean to be an EU citizen? I was talking to someone the other day who felt that, if dual national, one should be obliged to choose which nationality to take in priority to the other one. (eg during the war his father, an italian, had moved to france and been interned until he decided to take french nationality (or I suppose return to Italy)) I think I have the gist of the conversation correct.
I, perhaps naiivly, felt that one should be able to have dual (or triple) nationality without having to make a choice. He felt that in times of war you should be prepared to fight for one side or the other.

That is all quite complicated as my kids were brought up in London with a proudly Irish dad and a british /swiss mother. They moved here to France age 6, 7 and 8 and were educated in the local french schools. None of them could tell me what nationality they feel. We speak english at home though they are bilingual. They have chosen Scotland and Ireland for their university education.
Perhaps they would quite happily take EU citizenship. (Presume this means that one stays a national of one’s current passport country).

To become an Irish national one must live in the country for 12 months - so that’s not an option for me.
I think that as a family we are EU citizens.

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(Mark Alsop) #18

Can someone explain to me what being European is please before I sign up. Lol.

Seriously, you are born a nationality not a European.

I am British and OH is French. Kids are half British and half French but are probably more French than English having grown up here.

I don’t what to to be European I am happy being British. In or or out I am still British.

I am not going to buy myself a new status, I already have one.

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(Victoria MCCANN) #19

I have 6 children. 3 born in the UK and 3 born here in France. All of them have done schooling here and, I think, consider themselves to be neither British nor French but European. I think that thats a right they are entitled to. My 3 youngest, although born here, hold british passports. Brexit has taken away their right to be simply part of Europe. The potential questions that will leave them with is yet to be known. And I think that thats the key here. Unknown. I’m sure that we all feel a little like that at the moment. Some strong, clear and sensative leadership on this is needed. Not just for us expats but for Eurpoean Expats living, working and commited to Britian too.
Uncertain times!!! x


(Jane Williamson) #20

Would we be associate citizens of one of the EU countries or not?


(anon71231711) #21

As Verhofstadt or whoever it was said, it’s only a vague proposal at the moment so nobody knows. But I guess that basically it would amount to buying a, probably limited, package of certain EU “rights”, such as freedom of movement, rather than actual citizenship of anywhere.