EU subsidy communication letters and contractor

Are the EU subsidy letters communicating the subsidy payment only come in hard copies or in electroninc format too ? I had one lady negotiating selling me a farm show me the the paper letters and another agent for another farm sent me the pdf(s), which have all the metadata missing for me to find out if it is real or manufactured.

Secondly does a contractor farming a land has any legal hold on the land i.e. farmer cannot sell the land without the go ahead from the contractor, etc. The farmer and the contractor had a verbal agreement where the farmer paid the contractor the fees to use his equipment to farm while selling the produce and recouping the costs were done by the farmer.

Sounds more like you want a french farming forum, although I think there may be a couple of farmers here…

A farmer or anyone else for that matter once it’s over a certain surface (around half a hectare if I remember correctly)) can’t sell the land without going through the SAFER, I suggest you talk to them and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction (Chambre de l’Agriculture) for subsidy info.

I was hoping to get an EU subsidy to build another large barn in the centre of an Pyrenean village near a church.


That shouldn’t be a problem Mat as there is an existing one there :wink: