Has anyone any experience of using th is firm for the 1€ insulation work? They are calling g me back (in English!) to get more details on Friday . I’m hoping to get the garage insulated before we convert it into a kitchen.
Thanks in advance

Which firm?

Don’t forget, you will need to obtain Permission to change your garage into part of your living quarters… and you will need to make your House Insurers aware too . :thinking:

Basically unless you’re on a very low income/non-imposable you’ll end up paying the whole bill!

Hi Andrew
I thought the limit was something like 21 000 € - that’s less than our annual income…(After 25 years at the chalk face, paying tax in two countries, small thanks for educating the next generation - don’t get me started. But blissfully happy when Google home tells me that my commute to work is 8h 14mins: oh no it’s not!)

all depends how many people in the house hold, more info here. Local and national has shown so many who have been arnaced by the insulation companies, being told it’ll cost 1€ and then finding out they have to pay the whole bill as they don’t qualify…!

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Update… We have a new insulation contractor. I’ve told him we can’t start for a month as I still have to clear out the garage. But he says he needs my numero fiscal now to get things started ( presumably to check my eligibility?) I am wary - can he do anything with my number (but without the code) like claim my grant without doing the work?