Europe’s petrol pump labels to change in new EU rules

I noticed this today for the first time at our local fuel station stating the level of bioethanol, and the dates that the manufacturers engines can use them from.

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Fuel pumps, how quaint :wink: why waste the money when they should be spending it on more charging stations, especially on the motorway.

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They could be spending the money on buying us all an expensive electric car so us mere mortals could play the “hunt the charging point” game.

Most will charge from home, there are a large number of charging points but sadly most are low power slow versions.
Cost will fall dramatically over the next couple of years. VW are bringing out a range of low cost options with less bells and whistles.

Baring in mind recharging is a lot less than fossil fuel and with far less things to go wrong (clutch, gearbox, exhaust, injectors and pump, cam belts yada yada) servicing cost are negligible and brakes last a lot longer as regen does most of the work.

Until the government figures out how much revenue it lost as no-one buys heavily taxed hydrocarbon fuel any longer.

Renault are bringing out another smaller electric car Link

Hasn’t seemed to be a problem in other countries

The partnership with Nissan. Interestingly the used the NEDC mileage calc rather than the WLTP figures to make it look better. If it was a choice between hybrid and fossil, I would stay fossil a bit longer.

I don’t think penetration is enough to make a real dent in tax receipts yet - but this Institute of Fiscal Studies document says revenue from fuel duties was £27.6 billion in 2016-7 or about 3.85% of all revenue raised and the 2018-2019 estimate is £28.2 billion (3.6% of all receipts).

It’s quite a lot for the government to loose and will have to come from somewhere.

I think it very much depends on the distances you travel and the proximity to chargers.

I may bite the bullet in 2-3 years.

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Only for longer journeys, the more frequent local ranges can easily be accomplished by home charging over night.

Getting back to the original subject (fuel pump signs) - this is just one more example of a total waste of money (this time by the EU) to make life more complicated and difficult - like the 80km limit (cost to change road signs),
A few years ago many" N" roads were re-designated" D" (so the government could unload the costs of maintenance) leading to a massive re-signing program - at taxpayers’ expense of course.
If the legislators who decide these useless measures , had to pay even a minute percentage of the costs out of their own inflated salaries , they would think twice.

Fuel labelling in petrol stations across Europe is to change this month (October 2018) in line with European Union rules to standardise pumps in the EU zone.
The EU is getting more Orwellian!