European roots

This is fascinating.

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“People in Britain lived by hunting and gathering until agriculture was introduced from continental Europe about 6,000 years ago.”

All right, but apart from Agriculture , what have the Europeans ever done for us? :slight_smile:

(With thanks to Monty Python)



fascinating… thanks for that.

A bit tongue-in-cheek… but haven’t we got large-scale migrations occurring at the moment…?? :wink::grin:

Yep, you are correct as always Stella,

Loads of EU nationals are leaving/planning to leave, the UK


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Climate change disease ecological disaster…yawn…same old same old…of course there’s also the theory that in our extremely ancient history we were visited by the annunaki who turned our beautiful earth into a prison planet and influenced early religious texts making themselves out to be “gods”…In some ways I can see that…being rhesus negative it was one of my early fascinations into our ancient origins…Of course if there were any truth in that then they are very obviously not “gods” and merely a dysfunctional bunch of reprobates warring amongst themselves…Our true nature as eternal source energy residing temporarily in a physical body places us way above…I am fascinated by ancient monuments and megalithic structures the world over but Stonehenge has been tampered with…I no longer believe anything that I haven’t seen with my own eyes…

What a pity. Poor you.


If you are replying to me personally then why would you think “poor me”…??? Not wishing to start any argument just interested as to why you would think that…???

Having read your interesting posts it’s a pity you cannot accept genuine research carried out by others. Give me facts backed up by scientific research any day.

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With love and with respect can any of us quantify “genuine research”…One of my personal passions is homeopathy…I have seen with my own eyes what can be achieved when the source energy…the vital force residing in everything living be it humans/animals/plants is given an energetic nudge towards healing…yet currently there is an outright war on homeopathy and all alternative medicine…

Not the first time Britons have been behind the times and isolationist then!

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@ all, I’m witness to homeopathy working brilliantly while I get all sorts
of nasty reactions to classic meds. Doctors just refuse to believe one
particular homeopathic remedy around 20 years ago has completely prevented
a recurring ailment.
Hypnosis is another alternative therapy I’ve tried; it works!
There’s a subtle psychology behind it.

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With you all the way hon’…once you or I or any one experience it first hand then there’s no blinkered shortsighted outright big Pharma lies and propaganda can ever diminish what we know…x :slight_smile:

Please delete if not allowed but…

No out right war on homeopathy here!
I am certainly interested and a good friend is about to practice as a
homeopath this year.

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I think there is a place for all types of medical treatment including homeopathy, to suggest though that mainstream research may not be reliable is a bit contradictory is it not.

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Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki, are all treatments using energy to heal.
I use Reiki and acupressure for my own health.

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There is no way that we can live without traditional medicine.
Working together with natural healing methods surgery and its associations
can enhance lives.


I agree Jane. Reflexology is excellent.

I heard a lovely line about homeopathy a few days ago. It pointed out that that the time to practise it was during the Middle Ages when other forms of medicine tended to do more harm than good.

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Hi Helen

Rather a blanket statement, isn’t it ?

Many folk use homeopathy… either as an alternative or as a supplement to modern medicine.

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