European Succession Regulations

Quite a bit of confusion has resulted from the recently published EUSR, which affects expats who want to make a will, which uses the rules of their home country. The Culture Gap English Radio Programme is posting videoized sound files on it's FaceBook page, of Maitre Emmanuel Araguas, Avocat and English Solicitor, discussing the ins and outs of the EUSR and the process, which led up to the present situation.

The Culture Gap programme was first broadcast in 2005, and despite the station, which hosted it, Radio Liberté, based in the Dordogne, having gone into liquidation (it was an association), the programme will continue on FB and other venues.

On Face Book, the programme's parts are published as Videoized sound files.(FB doesn't support plain sound files.)

When Maitre Araguas finishes the EUSR talks, he is following them with talks on French Civil Law, taken from university lectures he gave. The talks are in Part one of the programme.

The FB link for C Gap:

Hi Elaine,

I had the same problem. My will writer in the UK had no idea of the new legislation. When I pointed it out to him he said he was going on a course about it. He came back with no more idea.

I then went to our notaire. Not only is she highly efficient, quick, approachable and almost native in English. She keeps up to date with all UK affecting legislation. Through her we changed our legal marital status and signed a document rendering UK succession law applicable to all our worldly goods in France (Just succession mind - it has nothing to do with tax which remains the same). She charged minimun fees and a donation to charity.

Find a good notaire, ask them to apply Brussels Clause 5 regulations.

Probably out of date now as new law regarding using UK will has only recently applied. The notaire here was most unhelpful and solicitor in UK not much better … too vague and unsure. The new law has not had time to be embedded and as yet they have no experience of putting it into practice.