Europe's Most Modern Current Account comes to France

Europe's Most Modern Current Account comes to France

German bank Number 26 now offer their fully featured simple to use banking service to residents of France.

Simple to set up (10 minutes!)

Free transfers

Free Mastercard

Great web interface and smartphone app

Quick to respond to queries

English speaking

Set one up, like I did, and let us know how you got on in the comments!

Logo 200x50

And now... "The bank that fintech built: Number26 and TransferWise team up to re-invent banking"

It's both Roland.

Is this a paid post, or just a helpful suggestion?

LOL! Happy New Year!

@ Gregg Hakkenberg Good idea - unless they reduce the bonus even further!!! lol

@ Wendy Thank you. Does that mean that you are are a car saleswoman?? (C'est une blague!). Currently in Scotland, spending Christmas/New Year with our children. Will look at this more seriously when we are back home.
A good New Year to you! :-)

My advise would be to wait until they go back to the 80€ bonus. They even gave my sponsoree 100 euros once!

By the way, if you do want to open an account, I'll sponsor you and then we both get 30 euros!

@C. Brian...AE=Autoentrepreneur!

@Gregor, yes, I just opened another current account in my name only...I never use the cheque bk or card.

@ Wendy Wise

AS you would appear to be the resident "expert" on ING (in which I am still interested!), please advise as to what an "AE" is. I apologise that I am a "banking illiterate" in anything other than deposits and withdrawals!

Thank you, in advance! :-)

@wendy: that is just what I'm using my Dutch account for, since most of my clients are Dutch. So how did you get two ING Direct accounts? They allow you to do that?

I have two ING current accounts, one for my payments as an AE which I only use to accept the money before transferring it to the joint current account.

ING Direct does not allow a professional account though. Does anyone know if there is a good online bank that does?

I've been using ING Direct for a while now. Brilliant. Very easy to use, quick and simple. You just have to 'feed' it 750 euros a month minimum. Then everything is free.

Steve. To be fair, you are likely to be right. I set up my account in 1972 and have not had anything to do with opening new accounts since 2008 when I opened one for my pension there, and then that was an existing account holder. A lot can happen in that time.

@ Brial Milne

They (German banks) do not have any problem with people from outside Germany setting up accounts although they prefer people to do it in actual branches in country in order to present ID in at least two forms across the counter. Are you kidding - I don't think there is a single German bank that will now accept overseas customers?

Not simple to set up at all… does not work with PC to sign up … and they want more than 5mp cam on your phone … dont waste your time …

Sy - yes, I do know about that, but it doesn't encourage you to get on with the French, so I only use that as a last resort.