Eurotunnel renamed Getlink in preparation for post-Brexit era

Hello James
Whatever the new name it will still be called the shuttle by me, and I suspect a lot of other folks :slight_smile:

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I bet that they will rebrand back again within eighteen months.
It is not about what the company thinks of itself, but how its customers identify with the brand.

“provides good returns to shareholders” ??? :zipper_mouth_face:

Actually, thinking about it… the reduced-fares scheme for shareholders is well worthwhile…

Perhaps I’m becoming more aged than I’m aware of, but I’m at a loss as to what is Anglo-Saxon about ‘Getlink’. I suppose it just must be part of the current trend of naming a business in a way that gives absolutely no clue as to what they actually do.

Can you imagine how much this re-branding must have cost?! What a crap name. Getlink sounds like a local bus service

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In a way, that’s exactly what it is. I suppose “FRUK link” would have been open to much abuse :sunglasses:.

Eurotunnel works fine post Brexit doesn’t it?

A tunnel that goes to Europe, mmm let’s see :slight_smile: