Since I’m a mathematically-challenged numbwit, with absolutely no concept or understanding of economics, I was hoping to get some educated and informed views as to what’s happening and what might happen with the Euro…because I’m getting just a tincey bit panicky after having read tonight that the Eurozone could be in ‘meltdown’.

Umm, what does that actually mean, please? The eternal realist that I am (some would say pessimist), I’m starting to think ‘worst-case scenario’: no clients, no money, no food, nuclear winter, furniture disappearing gradually into woodburner, huddled in grey blankets, sores, disease, greasy hair etc etc… I’m sure you get the picture.

Is anyone else starting to worry?

Yep…we’re all still here, I think you’re right!

Not worried yet. I sometimes think the powers that be like to keep us under control by keeping us scared!