EV - buy or wait?

I read neither the RA article nor this one, but elsewhere I’ve seen RA being slated for his bias as a petrolhead (is he?) while the view of the other chap was presented as being ‘right’ and a normal rebalancing of facts, rather than presented as claims from the other camp.

I don’t have enough real knowledge to pass intelligent comment about the EV thing (not that THAT makes a difference of forums :wink: ).

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Absolutely, thats why we need freedom of speach and showing the wealthy for what they really are. They will have a big hand in both ends of the pie leaving ordinary folk with their discarded waste to deal with.
I dont trust Bill Gates anymore.

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You mean you ever did?

Gates is not the worst though, by quite some measure (Elon, I’m thinking of you :slight_smile: )

Elon may come out with some crap but Bill travels the world influencing governments talking crap to benefit him and his wealthy mates, look at his pandemic chats,wrong Bill you were very very wrong.


I consider RA a car enthusiast so no bias either way but his facts were a bit iffy. Several comments from others online show a level of bias and stupidity that can only align with Brexiteers. Lets not lets the science get hijacked on this or any other subject.

Especially his conviction that hydrogen is a possible option for mass adoption. It really isn’t.

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Doesn’t just have to be a car.

I never trusted him. The only thing MS ever produced themselves was a BASIC interpreter, everything else was either acquired or plagiarised.

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The problem with M$ was never their software per se, the prevailing and predominant paradym in software development remains reuse (even if the hat it wears has changed multiple times) so I don’t think you really complain that they built uopon the work of others - they always added something whether technical or simply polish.

I’ve met a good few M$ engineers and worked with a couple of ex-M$ people, or people who went to work for M$ - they were all excellent software engineers.

The problem with M$ was always the business practice which tended to lock-in and built an effective monopoly, which they then abused.

That is the US business model and it seems to work well for them, not much different to a drug dealer, the first few hits are free. Same model used by Xerox, this is free and if you decide you dont like it we’ll take it away.

The shrewd move was getting their OS pre-installed on new PCs, and doing so right at the beginning. There was luck involved, of course, as no-one knew at the time how the PC market would take off.

DOS and later Windows was “good enough” despite its faults and it was (as you say) to all intents and purposes free - no one, or almost no one, “wasted” time looking for an alternative.

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Mainly due to the pretty front end without intimidating cursers blinking away for users

Neither DOS nor early Windows was “pretty”. In fact M$ almost lost the initiative - but in the end none of the early competitors to Windows made the cut.

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I agree entirely, which is why I think Bill Gates is a shit who has contributed far lees to the IT industry than many would believe :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes. OS/2 was the alternative.

Gates is widely criticised for some of his business practices, but it is unarguable that they were successful and while “sharp” I don’t think they were any more amoral than any other business.

As billionaires go Gates strikes me as one of the “better” ones as a human (cf Musk, Sugar, Trump, Murdoch and many others).


Wasn’t IBM who sold out to MS?

IBM contracted M$ to provide an OS when they could not reach agreement with Gary Kildall for CPM/86, Wikipedia has a version of the story

Given that it is fairly balanced it has a ring of truth (notably it does not appear to claim that Kildall had “gone to play golf” or that he “refused” to speak to IBM as some versions have it).

Having played a little with CPM/68 I suspect it would have been a far better choice but it was not to be.

Gates, in a hurry, famously licenced QDOS and the rest is history.

What is the motto of the WEF " you will own nothing and be super happy" The sooner this cabal of world elitist ideology is smashed and disbanded the better for mankind. It might even save the planet.

There are narrow boats cruising the english canals powered by electric motors. Evidently quite a fair few.