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At long last we hope to visit our daughter and son in law in France . We have a Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid plug in which we usually charge at home . Has anyone had visitors to France with a uk hybrid car?. Did they manage to find a safe adaptor for a uk/eu plug?

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In a Mitsubishi outlander you wouldn’t be doing many miles on battery, around 30-40? So the rest on your engine.

What app are you using to spot chargers?
Abetterrouteplanner is a good app as you can put in your vehicle and their database knows the average mileage for the vehicle and designs the route to accommodate it.

Hope that helps

No, never used twitter. But AFAICS, @Corona seems to be one of the most informed on EV’s and chargers batteries etc,.

As a professional electrician & the owner of a full electric car & van I recommend that you make (or have made up) your own short adaptor lead using quality connectors & decent 2,5mm² cable.

P.S. If you already have a Type 2 to Type 1 charging cable (picture below) then that can be used at any public or private chargers that you might come across in France but, as the Outlander uses Type 1, the charge power is limited to 3,7kW in that format. This is an issue if you come across Type 2 public chargers that charge by time rather than power consumed.

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Hi Wozza
We won’t be looking at charging on the long drive from the ferry though we do have a Mitsubishi type 2 to type 1 connector lead ( I may have got that one the wrong way round!)
What we are looking for is a way to do what we do at home which is to use a Mitsubishi connector to a domestic plug. For local travel
We have asked Mitsubishi if they make one but they say they don’t but there are connectors available on line but not sure if they are safe or suitable
Thank you for your help.

Mitsubishi’s are sold in France aren’t they? So there will be a domestic charging cable available. If likely to visit France often in your car this could be a worthwhile investment. If not can you friends ask around and see if any of their neighbours have one? Or if local Mitsubishi garage would lend one? We live in a tiny village and three houses have EV’s and chargers, and cables.

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Yes that’s our thinking but we haven’t been able to track one down.

Screwfix in the UK do a masterplug version. You would need to chop off the UK plug and fit a french one.

Also available for less on Ebay if you use that.

Screwfix has a French site I think, wonder if the French site has French connectors. Toolstation has a French site as well

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That one wouldn’t work for the OP - as the Outlander uses a Type 1 connection at the car end, they need the one below. However, they already have the right charger, they just need to make/obtain a decent quality French Schuko plug to UK 13A socket adaptor.

Ahh my mistake, thanks Badger :wink:
I assumed they wanted another for a dedicated EU journeys rather than cutting up one the probably need for the UK.

Would that mean that we could just put a French plug on the cable we already have. My husband is nervous about the correct specifI cation of the eu 2 pin plug?

Hi Corona - missed the suggestion of a French plug adaptor that sounds like the way to go. I have difficulty in following the thread sometimes. Thanks for your help. Will try to find one in Uk or ask daughter to buy one for us in France

I would not use an adapter, they are short term low power usage up to 10amps only not for long duration 10 hour charging etc.

I meant getting a second lead and fitting a quality french plug to it. Two pin french plugs are rated for 16 amps continuous operations except the flat thinner pinned lamp versions you see on table lamps for example and rated about 6amps.

Edit: you could make a short extension lead with a UK socket on one end for your charging lead and a french plug on the other better than a converter adapter.

As I’ve already said…

Don’t buy some commercial adaptor - make your own that you can vouch for the cable size & connections in. The wiring configuration in a French 16A 2P+T plug is the same as in the UK, with live pin being the first connection clockwise from the earth pin, when viewed behind the plug, or as a socket. Actually, as long as the earth is connected correctly it won’t matter if you swap the live & neutral connections over, but it’s far more elegant to have things right.

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Thank you all for your help