Ev car charging

Your welcome, have a good trip!

I’ve a Mercedes C350E (about 30km electric range) with a UK charging cable, I just use the usual (and cheap) three pin to two pin adaptor overnight. No issues.

Car trickle chargers only draw about 10A, hence why you’ve been lucky. However, I’d not recommend such adaptors as many are very cheap & nasty, some are only rated at 7,5A, & some don’t even carry the earth through.
This is a general warning, not just for their use for EV charging.


Totally agree Badger, it is a poor comment from John, if they were able to purchase exactly the same adapter as John they may be ok but what are the chances of that. Having had adapters fail myself because of poor construction and very little conducting surface in the inside after inspecting the failures no way would I use something that is likely to be left unattended and possibly whilst asleep to an adapter made by who knows where in the world.
For a few euros more you can make something far more reliable and therefore safer.

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Hi Diane again
The difficulty in making a suitable connection is
Marrying a good English plug with a French cable and plug.I’m thinking of asking my son in law to assemble the French end of the combination.What would he need ? An internet link would be helpful.

A good quality component at each end. I would go for a rubber type of plug and socket to allow a little bit of rough treatment and outdoor use. For the UK either MK or Crabtree branded products are good quality and the french end either LeGrand or Hagar, Badger may have other solutions so listen to him as an experienced French certified electrician

Yes if the Merc had a bigger battery or was a full EV (which I am considering) I’d put in a wall box.

I always buy quality :slightly_smiling_face: It’s cheaper in the long run.

Piggy backing onto this thread as it seemed to be the closest to what I was looking for.

As I’m seriously thinking about getting an electric scooter, although I plan to charge at home, I was just wondering if I could also use the EV car chargers in case I had a need whilst out and about away from home.

The scooter has 2 lithium ion batteries, both of which are 60v 45ah. The scooter comes with a battery charger, with a regular mains plug at one end and an adapter at the other to fit on the bike batteries, with a brick in the middle. Would much appreciate any advice as to whether I could charge it with a public point and if so, what I’d need to be able to do that. All very new to me :grinning:

Not without some form of charging adapter I wouldnt have thought. EV’s perform a test handshake to verify what battery and charging rate they can accept.

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Is it the type 2 plug that is most common?

Yes I believe so.

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Ok thanks👍

Our local Carrefour charging station has standard socket outlets for use by bikes i.e. that would suit your scooter.

Use Chargemap to find standard outlets (you can set a filter).

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How about a bike instead? Much safer. The scooters are coming under pressure, look at what’s happened in Paris.

It’s more a moto versus one of the stand on scooters, if that’s what you were thinking of. Essentially an electric motorbike.

There is only one, V-twin loud grip crotch rocket.

I nearly bought a Ducati once too.

I did back in 1991 and still have it today. You should have bought one.

Normally, no it would not matter, but that might not be the case for a car charger - I believe they are quite fussy.