Ev car charging

You are right about Type 2 outlets (shown below), as they can be three phase, but the trickle/granny chargers using domestic plugs/sockets will not care.

It was a 900SS with a cracked swing arm that the owner claimed to be unaware of, although I had some doubts. Walking away was the right thing to do.

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A number of the three prongs were incinerated on the boat. Did you hear about the Vito that went up in smoke and fire on the carpark at heathrow.?

Mine is a 900SS the Swingarm is OK, regularly checked mainly becaues the rear engine mount is part of the frame and the SA is bolted to it.

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I bought a Trident 900 in the end with a view to touring it round europe, but by that time (mid 40s) our knees and hips couldn’t take more than a couple of hours at the absolute max. The Trident was really badly laid out for distance and much too wallowy as a sports bike. The last bike I had was a Guzzi V50, which was nice in some ways, but felt like a toy because it was so small and light.

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I took my bike out this morning for the first time in ages, only because the hospital has major works going on and has no parking.

I really must take it out more.

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Feeling better then?

Hah, I almost mentioned it but thought better of it.

I’m fine in the mornings and tend to fade in the evening. Blood oxygen dips to about 93-94 later in the day so I guess I’m still fighting.

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Finally, managed to find a cable to attach directly to the scooter/moto, that apparently works! For anyone interested now or in the future, this is it:

So now my other question is, if I used a public charging point, do you just plug in and then pay with a credit card, or is there something else needed e.g. a specific card for the supplier in questions charger, as I could see different suppliers encouraging you to get a ‘card’ to them use to start the charging - any help most welcome, as it’s a whole new world!

Pretty sure you will need a phone app, possibly several.

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