EV charge point again

Rather than pull out an old thread, I will start again - I have acquired a 30.8A Type 2 charger for silly money that I shall use to replace my dedicated socket. The socket has been wired professionally with 6mm cable.

I see though that my silly money will not stay silly for long as I see that a type B EV ID is needed. I see these range from a Schneider 40A at 360€ up to some at 450€ :woozy_face:

My first question - am I looking at the right product? Are they this expensive?

My second question - is there anything special on the MCB, or will a standard 2P 40A single suffice?

As the cabling is there with a dedicated 8 gang fuse box (4 for ID, 2 for meter and 1 or 2 for disjoncteur) I am going to change it all out myself.

Tagging onto this, I see that from this month, Type AC IDs are now banned in Australia. Is the same rule likey to hit France soon?

I haven’t a clue, but I know who does @Badger :slightly_smiling_face:

That is only required for triphasé charging, & even then it’s optional.

As a minimum you should use a Type A, but ideally a Type HPi or F. 40A Monophasé versions can be found for under 100€.

A standard courbe C disjoncteur is fine.

Umm…that would be triphasé?

I haven’t heard anything, but it would be a good thing IMO.

P.S. French regulations stipulate that any IRVE outlet above 3,7kW needs to be installed by a qualified person i.e. someone registered with Qualifelec with the “mention EV” applicable to the level of charger they are installing. Just saying…

Thanks Badger - you save me a hundred or two! I might though use the ‘savings’ to start replacing Type AC IDs for Type A… If the internet is to be believed, Australia has certainly developed a hate on Type AC with many stories where they do not do their job due to a house owner unwittingly plugging in the wrong appliance into the wrong circuit.

Maybe I missed the three phase bit in the articles I read on the subject - my French is not brilliant, so a distinct possibility.

Yea, I hear you regarding the legality. As it is a gite and insurance could be involved if anything goes wrong, I will bring back the electrician. As the base install is already there in 6mm, it should only be an hour or so fitting the new ID and MCB.

Thanks again!

That has always been a question of mine, can you imagine trying to explain that to every householder, one breaker to rule them all! With thanks to Tolkien)
Another rule we should question MCA & Flow

Legrand Typ HPi and Type F are, as you say Badger, under 100€ within a couple of euros of each other I see.

What is the subtle difference between the two? If one is starting with a blank sheet of paper, what is the more desirable of the two?

Type F are usuable where variable frequency drives are used like variable speed pool pumps as the frequency of the ac gets varied to alter the pump speed they can put a lot of noise by way of phase width modulation (PWM) so type F are designed to cope with this.

Sadly for you it has to be 10mm².

They will have to have the relevant qualification - not all do.

AFAIAA Type F replaces HPi - I don’t know the subtle differences.