Evening all, how was your week? Alternatively, how was your BDay? :)

(James Higginson) #1

Had a great week working on the house, what did you do?


(Paul Flinders) #2

“B” Day turned out to be non-Brexity, but the next two weeks are now critical.

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(Timothy Cole) #3

Busy working week which continues tomorrow, today was yet another ‘damp squib’ regarding Brexit but not unexpected.

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(Jane Jones) #4

Just back from a week in Portugal… planned to get home before 11pm tonight but needn’t have rushed!

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(Véronique Langlands) #5

Work, work, work, work…


(Catharine Higginson) #6

Work, work, work but got given 2 bottles of rose from a student so not all bad!


(stella wood) #7

BDay got off to a sunny start… and I left OH gently pottering…

I came back 2 hours later to find he had had a relapse… so the stress of Politics came a poor second to the stress of what to do with him.

Thankfully our Doc gave sound advice over the phone and all is now well… we live to fight another day…

as does Mrs May… :hushed::smile:

PS: he’s finished off a huge bowl of moules tonight… always a good sign when he clears his plate… :hugs:


(Catharine Higginson) #8

Oh Stella we are so sorry - hope you are ok xx

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(stella wood) #9

The story of my life… bit of a roller-coaster… his health is fragile… but he is still alive and kicking… and each day is a gift, so we make the most of it. :relaxed::relaxed:


(carl tunnicliffe) #10

B day is a perfect day for me!

Currently sat at Dover waiting to board our boat - arrive at the house tomorrow lunchtime.

Keep the sun warm for us!!!


(stella wood) #11

Oh… how lovely… fingers crossed for good weather…

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(Mandy Davies) #12

Sorry to here that this has happened again.

Sending love to you both x

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(Jane Williamson) #13

It was our forty fourth wedding anniversary and we went out to lunch, toasted each other and the fact that we were still in the EU.


(Timothy Cole) #14

Forty-fours years eh, the guy’s a saint.:grinning:


(stella wood) #15

You cheeky beggar… :upside_down_face: He’s a lucky man !!!

I think it is lovely when folk get to enjoy their lives together…over so many years… :hugs::hugs::hugs:


(Timothy Cole) #16

Last year the in-laws celebrated 50 years of purgatory (sorry marriage) and it took a lot of persuading by us for them to actually acknowledge the fact they’d been together for that long, FIL simply said ‘what’s to celebrate?’. I do look at some couples and think ‘why are they still married?’, but after several decades it obviously must work.

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(stella wood) #17

:rofl::rofl: for folk who are still enjoying themselves… it is wonderful…:heart::heart:

for folk who are not enjoying themselves… it must be awful… :thinking:

However, none of us know what really “binds” folk together… and, with some folk, while we might well wonder “why are they still married”… it is for them alone to know the answer. :zipper_mouth_face:

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(Mat Davies) #18

“given” yeah right! - Confiscating from Students again?!


(Ann Coe) #19

Sorry to hear about your OH Stella.

It must be such a worry for you both when he has relapses ‘out of the blue’.

Sending hugs and thoughts your way …:hugs:xx


(Ann Coe) #20

Congratulations Jane x