Evening all, what are you having?

What’s your Christmas tipple, something seasonal or just the usual?

By the way if you want a bat pourer like that one, they have them free with Bacardi Gold in Carrefour!


Oh, and No1 daughter will be bringing me a btotle of Spanish brandy from Barcelona where she lives now.

As our's is always at the mother-in-law's, it will depend on what she has in ; usually a decent single malt, I made sure she knew the difference with blended ages ago :)

And the bros-in-law will be insisting on the jugs of pastis as usual too !

Christmas breakfast always used to be a bottle of Champagne and a Melton Mowbray pork pie. Now alas we have to make do with the champagne. Preferably a semi- sec rather than a brut.