Ever forgotten something important?


I did once leave my child in a pushchair in a card shop for about a minute. Started walking and felt as if something was missing!

Cameron left his then 8 year old daughter in the pub once - and he left the country in a fucked-up mess :frowning: :rage:


But Cameron is pretty much at the top of the Twat Scale

He has an lot of competition these days. At least he realised that, following failure of your pet project, resignation is the honourable thing to do.

Could we please have some threads that are light hearted and fun and not all back to Brexit


That was my initial intention.

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I thought so

A work colleague left her new baby in his pram outside the local co op She got home and after about 20 minutes thought the baby was nice and settled then realised

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My wife never forgets anything…


My dear mother tells the tale of when she went to the local shops (Fine Fare and the coop) pushing the pram (quite fashionable in the fifties) with me in it. She bought what she needed and walked back home. Only when she had put the groceries away did she notice something was missing. She hurried back to the shops and luckily, the pram was still parked outside with me in it!

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