Everyone...why not join in on the bright posts

The sun is out and there is a lot to do...

Great events coming YOUR WAY.
Are you telkling me that you have no interest in great dance, song, music, cooking

and skating.

The sadness has taken over?

No Barbara, UK TV can be just as intellectual as French TV, I just haven't got it so couldn't have watched your dancing programme even if I had wanted too! I know most people can't stand three weeks of 5 hours a day Tour de France coverage in teh summer but I'll happily watch every minute, especially if it's 35° plus outside! - horses for courses...! ;-)

Enjoy that sunshine, back to my students now!

And I know Andrew that it is not concidered the thing to have UK TV...not very intellectual

Sorry that you do not like dancing.

Yes we all will get the sunshine, the open air, being with people you love, work and a momnt or 2 ON

sfn....BUT punctuation can be about folly...I love dancing...watching people express themselves.

too much else to do at the moment Barbara + don't have UK TV and don't like dancing or skating, now French TV with cycling or rugby and I'll talk for hours... ;-)

Have fun in the sunshine, I'm stuck in a lecture theatre all day (although I have got a fantastic panoramic view over Figeac!) before running round to get the kids from school and nounou BUT will enjoy the sun with them playing in the garden once we get home for 5 minutes before kids' bath, dinner and bed...!

oh and a minute or two here and there to check emails and sfn!