Everything is on the Up!

I've just come back from La Boulangerie with my Gros Pain which has now gone up in price from 1e to 1.03e (very annoying small amount of change now required each day).

The other day I had my very long overdue waxing session at my local Marionnaud this has gone up horrifically by over 15%, the girls working there are not at all happy as they know they will lose custom over it. I think I'm going to have to give in & let my hubby lose with the hot wax! Not something I relish the thought of :(

The Doctors visit has also gone up by 1e each so my visits are now 23e again annoying uneven number & 28 euros for nippers. This has also put up our mutuelle by 15 euros a month as well, something to do with a new healthcare tax being levied by the French Government.

UK VAT has gone up to 20% which affects my favourite pastime www.UK4Me.co.uk shopping!

So I'm now looking for the balance to all of this...anyone know of any prices going down?

Dunno! Never thought about it, just one of things you pick up without really looking in to it!

is that for a baguette rather than gros pain?

Isn’t the price of bread set by the government? I always thought that the price variation was due to differing weights.

it’s languedoc, wine, tourism, sunshine & cheap bread. Depends on where u live I suppose, I’m sure it’s more expensive in other villages, towns locally. I should say we’re lucky especially as he makes it blanc for us!