Everything you need to know, to get the day off to a flying-start

20th March… and, according to this and what I’ve seen outdoors… we will be having frost for the rest of the year… :worried::thinking::roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face:

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I prefer coffee to get my day going :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Just hope for a wind-free day… and the rest of the year should be OK… there is some interesting history and stuff on these links… the sort of thing to while away a dull day… :grinning:

I’m just leaving these here for folk to look at (if they wish) when they are stuck with nothing better to do…

1967: Parc national des Pyrénées … nice little video :relaxed:

If it’s frosty today… well, look for yourself.

Oh… and Jules Verne died in 1905… what an imagination that man had… :relaxed:

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same for me coffee kickstarts the day

:relaxed::relaxed: @anon54681821 and @Mark_Robbins

You will probably need the coffee to keep you awake while you trek through all the information contained in these links…

I may well be posting a Quizz… :upside_down_face::roll_eyes::grin::grin:

read the first not the rest sorry

currently reading the drones bit.

Have the swallows arrived at your place yet ???

I’m just listening to the Today programme celebrating 100 years of the RAF. I’ve just heard
what it feels like in a Tornado.
A real flying-start to the day!

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Today’s “saying”… by 7th April, the nightingale is either dead or alive"… I reckon it is probably drowned this year… :roll_eyes:

Oh, and @anon88888878 … there’s a flying -first further down the page… Solar Impulse

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