Exceeding the AE limit

Hi has anyone any experience of this please.

We have reached the maximum on the AE turnover and are considering the different options. The Chambre de Metier says just to carry on as AE and eventually the RSI will work it out and tell us how to pay.

What concerns me most is the implication in terms of TVA - will we have to pay TVA on everything we have earned this year, or will there choose a point where we go over and take it from there?

Would love to hear from someone that has actually dealt with it as there seems to be so many conflicting stories, especially from officialdom!

Thanks Suzanne, we don't particularly need an English speaking accountant though, more someone who knows the building trade and PMEs.

Tracy - you could try Sarah at http://www.advicefrance.com/ for an English speaking accountant.

Thanks John, we do need to find an accountant ASAP. From what I have read, it appears that you have start paying as soon as you pass the 34,000/89,000€ limit. Aren’t these the same limits as the AE?

Thank you for the thanks, it’s my husbands business actually but I also have my own AE which will probable pass the limit next year! Very exciting - shame it’s not all profit though.

Hi Tracy, this might help you: Coming out of the auto-entrepreneur: what next?

Hi Tracy The RSI just changed me from an AE to something else and now suggesting a EIRL, I keep my enterprise under the TVA threshold (I deal mainly with people who cant claim it back) so that wasn’t the issue so cant help you with that one. I use an accountant for all such matters and in fairness the accountant she always gets me more back than I pay them, for the real advice I would suggest using an accountant as a micro entrepreneur may not be the most advantageous regime for you and it is likely the RSI will just change you to one of those.

TVA wise I think you just nominate a date to start paying it from, well I fairly sure thats what a friend did. And well done for making a successful business.