Excel Problem

Can you help me? I have an excel problem.

I used to be able to cut and paste, copy and paste etc, but now can only copy and paste. The little dotted lines that circle a cell when cutting and copying etc, have disappeared and i cannot cut and paste now. I have to completely shut off the PC and re boot. Then excel comes back to normal..for a while, then starts playing up again!! I have no idea why its doing this. Do you have any ideas or help?


Hi Teresa

Good news

Peter S

Hi Peter,

I have managed to find the cause of my problem and fixed it. It seems it was due to an Internet Explorer Add On from Skype. I have now disabled the offending Add On and following machine re-boot, the Excel functionality is restored.

Thanks again for your interest and assistance.


Thanks Peter. We have done a virus check and EDIT part is all checked right. So i guess i will probably have to take it off system and re load it!! which i didnt want to do. It all went this the other week. before then it was perfectly fine!! its very very annoying too!!

Hi Teresa Thanks,

I use Excel extensively but have not come across this before but in the main Excel toolbar, click on Tools, then Options and then look at EDIT, then make sure that "cut, copy and sort, etc" is ticked.

I assume you have up to date virus protection software.

If not then you know the next step.

Otherwise delete Excel (probably your version of Office) and reload it again.

Peter S

I have Windows Vista and Excel 2003


What version of Excel and Windows do you have?