Exchanging Licence

Please be patient with me. I am the dunce of the class. I know other people have posted a lot about exchanging licences, but this is my situation.
Firstly please could you point me in the direction of the website for exchanging licences?
The situation is, I had to send my licence to the UK for renewal, before there was a website to exchange licences. Then they found out I was in France and didn’t want to issue the new licence, sent me all kinds of requirements. I don’t have a UK address exactly, just a mailbox address, and the DVLA won’t accept that for correspondence. Anyway, while arranging and negotiating where the licence was to go and how, the lockdown and crisis hit, and the DVLA offices closed. A lot of time and anxiety passed, and finally, today, they said they are sending me a certificate of entitlement. Which they say I can exchange.
So what do I do next? How do I exchange this? What are the requirements? And what is the deadline?

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This is the site


Prepare yourself with a stiff drink, it is not the most user-friendly!

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Agree, but if I can do it anybody can :crazy_face:
Assuming I did it right, I have not heard anything yet, just a confirmation :pray:

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My friend said he found it easy, he hasn’t heard back, I just find the website too mind-boggling.

The website, if you have a reasonable level of proficiency in understanding written French, is not complicated. If you have difficulties reading French, or filling in a form to open an account, you will obviously need someone who can sit at your laptop with you to translate French-English/and possibly a smidgeon of English-French, like Royaume-Uni for GB.

It’s not something that can easily be done at a distance, but it’s not intrinsically hard. It’s quite straightforward actually. The trickiest bit for me was getting the photograph right in a photo-booth!

I can translate the French, I just had trouble finding the website through the link posted above.
Getting the photos right will also be a challenge, It might end up like Captain Peacock and Mrs Slocum.

When the linked-page opens, scroll down to this:

Échange d’un permis de conduire obtenu en Europe (EEE + Royaume-Uni)

And then you are in the right place to apply, so click on it and follow the instructions methodically.

You will have to “open an account” but you can do that from the new link.

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The photos are the easiest thing AJ. There’s a link on the Permit website to approved photographers in your area. Our’s was just the photo development shop in our nearest Carrefour. You pop in tell them what you want, they take a photo and upload it to ANTS and give you copy of the photo with a code. When you fill in the ANTS form online you just put in the code and… bingo!

I always though Cpt. Peacock and Ms Slocum had a rather old world sophisticated air, so good luck.

Ah, but the episode where Mrs Slocum needed passport photos!

You’ve got me there AJ :thinking: :grinning:

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Oh, Captain Peacock went to assist her as she didn’t know how to use the photo booth, and they ended up with a right palava and the photos were so funny. I can’t find any clips of it.

The photo booth is very user friendly and most of the supermarkets have them. The ANTS ‘logo’ is shown on the cubicle if suitable. The instructions are audio with language options. The screen to write your signature is large so no difficulty in having to fitting it within a small box! Your photo will go straight to the ANTS system. Your copy of the photo will have a long code number which you will need to enter online, careful with the 0 & O. This code gives ANTS access to your signed photo on their system. You will receive a confirmation they have received it.
Relax with a drink of choice and breathe :pray:

I only know this information due to the help and patience of other people on this site :hugs::hugs:

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So, having read the site, am I correct in assuming that we actually have until the end of
next year to apply. As we don’t become non european until 01/01/2021?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a European driving licence? Something for the EU to think about in due course…

It wouldn’t solve this particular problem, of course.

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Nice but probaly impracticable, 'cos of all the languages it would need to be translated into for it to be out to use. More like a lap-top in size than a plastic card to slip in purse or wallet. :credit_card::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They managed an EU passport ,a driving license surely wouldn’t be much more difficult,my driving license has the EU stars on with UK in the middle

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I think it pretty much is an EU licence, except the GB licence will have to lose its EU and stars, I wonder what the DVLA are doing about that?

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Passports aren’t wallet friendly.

A driving licence in Greek script would be Greek to a Bulgarian.