Exchanging UK Driving Licence For French Permis de Conduire

I have done some research here into doing this but an update would be useful & I have some specific questions.

My UK Licence expires on 6 November 2016 & I am insulin-dependant diabetic & know I have to declare this.

  1. We have lived permanently in France 33540 since May 2015-what’s the best thing to prove residence?
  2. Do I still need the paper part of my UK Licence?

Is it easiest to do it all by post & do I have to enclose my UK licence-thinking of visiting UK in October with our motorhome so this may prove tricky.



Hi Roger based on my own experience - any main utility bill showing your name and address or a tax Avis will do. Yes you need to hand over the paper part of your GB licence as well. I took all the necessay docs down to the Prefecture and waited in line. New French licences arrived by post 10 days later. Really easy.

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Thanks Simon,

That sounds really easy, assuming I can find the paper part of my licence!

We visit daughter, son & grandparents in our Hymer & don’t want to leave it too late since the decent sites will be shut.



Regions may vary so I can only give my experience at the Prefecture in Bourges Dept 18 in May this year.
Firstly I had to go online to their site and get a telephone number to make an appointment.
The site also gave required documents.

6 months proof of residence – 6 Orange telephone bills were acceptable.
Copy of UK “plastic card” driving licence and an original certified a translation of the “plastic card” licence. There was a list of certified translators on their site. Paper part is no longer part of a UK driving licence.
Copy of DVLA certificate of entitlement.
Copy of passport.
(originals of above required also at interview)
Following forms, which can be downloaded.
Cerfa 14879.01
Cerfa 14948.01 ref 06
If medical required, Cerfa 14880.01. This must be completed by an approved Doctor ( not your regular doctor), a list can be obtained from the Prefecture. Costs €33 (medical not list)
I needed the medical because I tow a horse box. Anything more than category B requires a medical.
Hope this is of help to you.

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Thanks Charles,

I have the passport & copies.
I have my taxe d’habitation as proof of address
My licence is still in date & shows what I can drive so I guess I don’t need a Certificate Of Entitlement. I will find a certified translator.
I will complete the medical form & make an appointment to see an approved doctor.

PS the process is similar to UK other than completing the medical declaration & getting my own doctor to sign it.