Exhibition at Néré

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this group but not to painting. My exhibition is currently running at The Bistrot St Pierre in Nére, near to Aulnay (17). Paintings are acylic and mixed media.

If you manage to get along I'd be pleased to hear from you. I'm usually there at the bistrot Friday nights propping up the bar and might even buy you a drink!



Kit Wells: kitwells@orange.fr

Very kind of you to respond in such glowing terms Debra! I'm flattered that you approve. If you get a chance please drop in to the Bistrot St Pierre to cast your eye over the remainder. There are 18 paintings in all, a representative sample from the last couple of years. Amicalement, Kit

Hi Kit! Very glad to meet you. I see that texture is an important part of your paintings. The small additions of reds that you added to the subdued colors that make up the majority of the paintings create a "pop" that I find appealing. I especially like how the reds in your mixed media painting move the eye through the painting. They form a good balance to the stripes. Also, the gentleman rendered with red plays off the yellow background and, once again, the stripes. The second painting has a wonderful ambiance. In my eyes, there is a story there. The shadowed figures walking through the trees seem oblivious to the wolves or perhaps the wolves are oblivious to the figures. Either way, it has me thinking. Thank you for sharing your work. :)

'Je t'ecoute' Mixed media on board 2'x1' Kit Wells

'The Wolves' Acrylic on canvas 2'x3' Kit Wells

Too far for me but good luck with the expo.How about putting a couple of your paintings here.